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Talent Coaching

Anchor 1
- Victoria

"Roo has hands down been the best mentor that I've had in radio.  From day one she has provided me with constructive feedback on how to make my show better.  We set goals and figured out how I was going to reach them.  Plus, I really admire the fact that she called me and wanted to get to know me and my story.  It showed that she really cared and wanted to know the person behind the mic.  Roo is so talented and has so much experience that any announcer would be lucky to have her as a coach.  Thanks for everything, Roo!"

- Michelle
"Roo is fantastic! She makes mentoring really personable, even if she has 5 other people,it's very clear when she's talking with you, you are her number one priority. Before we even got started, Roo called me on the phone to get to know me a littler better in and out of radio. It really helped us connect on a whole different level which made the mentoring 10x better than I expected. She is someone I really trust, I know I can go to her for advice in confidence and I truly value her opinion. Like I said, She's fantastic!" 
- Jamie Bologun
"Roo is awesome! Her critique is always spot on and incredibly useful. A few sessions with her have already made me a much better broadcaster!" 
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